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Hopkins, MN 55343
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Heidi's Elite Pet Grooming
As of June 1, 2016, Heidi's Elite Pet Grooming is going to be changing ownership. My husband and I have decided to start a family, and because business ownership is a seven day a week job, I have made the hard decision to sell my business to focus on my family. Because of the reputation of my business in the grooming industry there was a high demand to buy. This afforded me the ability to pick the buyer who I felt would best care for the business and our clients the way I did. The new owners are Anna and Linda Olson. They have currently owned Zoom Groom, LLC of Edina for the past four years. Because of a reallocation of their building, they are in need of relocating their business. I have personally known them for the past four years and they have only the highest standards when it comes to quality of grooming, handling of the dogs, customer service, and business ownership. Their main goal is to create a low stress environment for your dog and a positive experience for everyone. I encourage everyone to check out their website www.zoomgroomllc.com and visit their Facebook page, Zoom Groom, LLC.  

This business has been my child for the past five years and letting it go has not been an easy decision. My goal has been to create a safe environment for every dog that walks through that door and to make sure every client is comfortable handing over their pup to each and every groomer who would be caring for their pet. I'm going to miss each and every one of the pets and clients more than I can even fathom.